China to start construction of first Antarctic airport/中国将开始建设首个南极机场-華夏娛樂360
China has announced it will begin building its first airport in Antarctica in November as a global scramble over the world’s polar regions intensifies.中國宣布將于11月開始建設該國首個南極機場。目前,全球對世界極地的爭奪正在加劇

Chinese researchers have begun surveying work in preparation for the airport which will be capable of servicing China’s Snow Eagle 601, a small polar aircraft, according to the Keji Daily, a newspaper run by China’s ministry of science and technology.據中國科技部主辦的《科技日報》報道,中國研究人員已經啓動了勘測工作,爲建設該機場做准備。該機場將能夠爲中國小型極地飛機“雪鷹601”(Snow Eagle 601)提供服務。

China to start construction of first Antarctic airport/中国将开始建设首个南极机场-華夏娛樂360
“As a major Antarctic scientific research country, China must ensure the logistical support capability of its own Antarctic activities. For this reason, the construction of the new airport is of great significance…and provides support to China’s airspace management in Antarctica,” wrote the Keji Daily. “In the future, [the airport] will provide guarantees for large-scale aircraft and an air fleet.”“作爲南極科考大國,我國必須確保自主開展南極活動的後勤保障能力,正因如此,新機場建設意義重大……它能爲我國在南極擁有空域管理發言權提供必要條件,”《科技日報》寫道,“(該機場)將爲未來我國大型飛機以及多架飛機機隊運行提供保障。”

Various countries already operate tens of landing strips on Antarctica capable of handling small research craft, with the United States operating about a fifth of them.多個國家已在南極運營著幾十條能夠起降小型科考飛行器的跑道,美國的占總量的大約五分之一。

However, increasing interest over territory and resources on the icy continent as well as valuable transport routes through the planet’s polar regions has spurred China to invest heavily in its own Antarctic infrastructure.


China to start construction of first Antarctic airport/中国将开始建设首个南极机场-華夏娛樂360
“In less than 10 years, China has gone from being a minor player in the Arctic to becoming a major actor,” said Anne-Marie Brady, a professor of political science at the University of Canterbury and editor of The Polar Journal.“不到十年,中國已從北極的一個次要參與者變成了一個主要參與者,”坎特伯雷大學(University of Canterbury)政治學教授、《極地期刊》(The Polar Journal)主編安妮-瑪麗·布雷迪(Anne-Marie Brady)說。

“The polar regions, the deep seabed, and outer space are the new strategic territories where China will draw the resources to become a global power. A new global order is emerging and China aims to be at the heart of it.”


This January, China’s released a state white paper outlining ambitions to build a “polar silk road” of shipping corridors across the Arctic as climate change melts ice caps that once barred clear maritime routes across the top of the world.今年1月,中國官方發布了一份白皮書,概述了其在氣候變化導致冰蓋融化之際,在北極建立一條由多條航運走廊構成的“極地絲綢之路”(polar silk road)的雄心。冰蓋的存在,一度阻礙著人們開辟出穿越這個世界之巅的清晰海上航道。