The Top Seven Places to Retire 七地養老,無憾人生!-華夏娛樂360Panama / 巴拿馬

Panama, the southern most country in Central America tops the 2016 global retirement havens listings compiled by International Living, with what the magazine describes as “hands down the best package of retirement benefits in the world”. These include discounts for retirees on transport, entertainment, medicine and energy bills.巴拿馬共和國——中美洲最南部的國家,在環球旅行雜志《國際生活》2016年收錄的 “全球養老宜居”國家中位列榜首。雜志稱之“一直以來都有世界上最好的養老福利”。退休老人的福利包括:乘坐公共交通工具、娛樂場所消費、醫療護理、支付能源賬單時均能享受折扣。


To receive these wide array of benefits all you need is a Pensionado Visa, for which you need to be over 18 years of age and have a pension of at least $1,000 a month to qualify (both private or social-security payments count). The currency, the Panamanian balboa, is pegged to the dollar, so US retirees shouldn’t face shocks from currency swings.

一本退休簽證在手,即可尊享以上諸多待遇。只要年齡在18周歲以上,每月有不低于1000美元的養老金(個人賬戶或者社保賬戶),就能辦理退休簽證。巴波亞是巴拿馬 的流通貨幣,其彙價與美元挂鈎,所以美國人入境巴拿馬養老不用擔心彙率波動的影響。

Savings will go a long way here too. Even without these pension benefits, living costs are already low compared to many countries in Europe, North America and Australasia[3], with a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant[4] in Panama costing $30, according to, a website that tracks the prices of everyday items.


[3] Australasia 澳大拉西亞(包括澳大利亞、新西蘭及太平洋西南島嶼)。

[4] mid-range restaurant 中檔餐廳。

Property prices are also reasonable, with foreigners having the same property rights as Panamanians. Purchasing a three-bedroom property in the popular mountain town of Boquete would cost about $179,000, according to

房地産價位也合理。在巴拿馬居住的外籍人士享受和本地居民一樣的産權。根據網站,在巴拿馬,只需179,000 美元就可在頗受歡迎的博克特購置一套三居室的房子。


The Top Seven Places to Retire 七地養老,無憾人生!-華夏娛樂360

Ecuador / 厄瓜多爾
Ecuador ranks second in the 2016 listings, compiled by International Living magazine, on its generous retirement benefits, affordable housing and a great climate.厄瓜多爾養老福利優渥,住房經濟適用,氣候得天獨厚,因此在《國際生活》收錄的2016全球養老宜居國家名單中位列第二。



For housing costs, there are few countries that can beat Ecuador. In the popular colonial city of Cuenca, for example, a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for $500 a month or less.



To live here though, retirees will need to learn Spanish, as English is not widely spoken and expats will have to adapt to a limited national road infrastructure.



But there are plenty of perks. Like Panama, Ecuador offers a wide range of desirable retiree benefits, including half-price public transport for those aged 65 or over and IVA (value- added tax) refunds on many purchases.



The Top Seven Places to Retire 七地養老,無憾人生!-華夏娛樂360

Malaysia / 馬來西亞
For year-round sunshine and diversity, consider Malaysia, which offers everything from tropical beaches and remote rainforests to the high-rise bustle of capital, Kuala Lumpur. This former British colony is also an inexpensive place to live, with International Living placing it among the cheapest places to live in its global cost of living index.想要終年陽光普照,多元文化碰撞的環境,你可以選擇馬來西亞。這裏有:熱帶沙灘、僻靜雨林以及高樓林立、繁忙鼎盛的首都吉隆坡。它曾是英國的殖民地,消費較低。《國際生活》將馬來西亞列爲世界上生活成本最低廉的國家之一。


Add to this widely-spoken English, low cost of restaurants and direct foreign ownership of property freehold, and it is easy to see the country’s appeal for older expats.


The magazine reports that a couple can live comfortably in a spacious luxury apartment for less than $1,000 a month., a website that analyses costs for expats, rates healthcare and accommodation costs in Malaysia as “very low”. But be warned, not everything is cheap here: many imported goods, from cars to wine spirits, are often sky-high as a result of local taxes.



Under the country’s second-home program, retiree residency is relatively easy to obtain. The visa lasts for 10 years and extends to your spouse and children. The minimum monthly income requirement is 10,000 Malaysian ringgit[5] (around $2,320). Retirees also typically benefit from pension, or social-security income, which is exempt from Malaysian taxes.